terrible reality in Vancouver

I came to Vancouver via Hong Kong, boarding Hong Kong Airlines. My staying place is in the east area of Vancouver, on the boundary of Burnaby. As it is known, in Canada we can easily find the place with Street and its address number. So I walked to my staying place from down town of Vancouver.

Of course, Vancouver is a beautiful city, north and west side of which are surrounded beautiful bay area. But also this city has class-difference problem, the worst of which is the problem of drug-using and homeless people.
Around the beginning of East Hasting Street (within 15 minutes walk from Canada Place in Water Front), I came across lots of groups of homeless people; at the front-door of cheep hotels, homeless people were sitting or lying with their blankets and other things. At the corner of (E & W) Hasting Streets and another street, policemen had kept watching those dangerous people. That was really terrible part of reality in Vancouver.

When returning from my staying place, I got on a bus that stopped by the side of the hotel. But during the 15 minutes in the bus, a few homeless-like people also got on and off; and I felt that I was bitten by a very small (invisible) bugs.

Cabinet members should be honest

Cabinet members should be honest in every democratic country. They should never conceal important matters (not for the public benefit but) for the benefit of themselves in their politics. But they, especially prime minister Abe, seem so fraud that they never hesitate to tell serious lies.
In class at my juku school, I often say to school children not to become a person who cheat others for the benefit of him-or-herself. But the very person, our prime minister has been deceiving us, often making strange statements at the Diet with the attempt of concealing what is inconvenient for him as prime minister and a Diet member.

I think that increasing number of general public would like to say such as: “Make resignation, Abe!  Get out of the status as prime ministerWe never need a prime minister who tells lies so frequently.”
I also dare say, “Make resignation, Abe!  Get out of the status as prime minister!  We never need a prime minister who tells lies so frequently.”

Never be ‘all options on the table’

It’s really fearful that Donald Trump has threatened North Korea, saying “all options on the table”.
If US executes air-strikes on North Korea, with quite large possibility, counter attack by N. Korea’s missiles will hit some cities in Japan. In worst cases such as dropping of nuclear missiles onto the city-center of Tokyo or Osaka, or dropping of missiles onto half broken Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant, we would be again experiencing a terrible — possibly much more terrible — disaster 6 years after the 2011 earthquake and Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

Agreeing to what Trump said and accepting ‘all options on the table’ is too much risky for Japan. And one of the causes that influenced Trump’s decision is the attitude of a man, who played golf together Trump and hugged Trump.
The man is japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, who is really fraud often telling lies. He once cheated whole world by telling at a conference of IOC that “contamination of radio-active water in Fukushima is under control: it has not leaked outside of the bay”.

If counter-attack by N. Korea’s missiles hit and break down the spent fuel pool of Fukushima Daiichi N.P.P., unbelievable amount of radio-active materials would be given off, which will make our existence impossible all over east Japan including Tokyo.
Never take military actions on North Korea, I dare say, in order not to cause tragedy on our living areas.

Felt desperate

I felt desperate in a taxi which I took at the outside gate of Beijing Int. Airport.
When the taxi driver caught me there, he might think that I was a Chinese. So he took my baggage and put it in the trunk of the car at instant. But it was the begging of the trouble. He did not understand only one word of English or Japanese; and I could not understand what he was saying in Chinese.
I showed him the information of the hotel written in Chinese. But he repeatedly talked loudly what I could not understand; so I felt desperate in that taxi. It had been already getting dark. Under the situation, I even thought of the possibility of fighting with him in case that I was taken to a dangerous place.

Fortunately, finally I succeeded to be taken the hotel that I booked for the night. After several times of failure of communicating with him, I showed the hotel information (written in Chinese) and shouted; “I go there. Every taxi driver at the international airport should speak English. You should speak English. I go there.”
Of course, it seems that he could not understand what I was saying. But he phoned to the hotel and then took me there; and I said “xie, xie” (thank you) paying the fee to him.

Now I have come to worry about the same situation when many foreigners visit Japan in 2020 Olympic year.

Crisis of Japanese democracy as its system

Yesterday (September 19, 2015), when it was still in the darkness of night, a set of bill (10 gathered bills and another 1 bill in fact) that is in breach of Constitution at last passed through also the Upper House (of Japan) and now ready for enacting. This law allows, under the name of  “the right of collective self-defense”, the right of joining oversea-wars which is strongly prohibited by our Constitution.
From now on I will never vote, on any kind of election, the parties (LDP, Komeito — now hanger‐on of LDP — and other small parties) that accepted this anti-constitutional bill. It is because sovereign power resides with the people; these parties — committing frauds — forcibly railroaded this bill, with no concern for the will of the vast majority of the people.

No need for Constitutional Amendment

I watched on my PC an interview program by The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan, in which Hazime Funada, the chief of members in LDP (Liberal Democratic Party — Japan’s ruling party now) for constitutional amendment, made a speech and answered to several questions.
But in the manuscript of LDP’s amendment there are several significantly concerned sentences, that would strongly restrict human rights. And most concerning one is in the article 12; that is as follows:

Article 12: People’s Responsibility
The freedoms and rights guaranteed to the people by this Constitution shall be maintained by the constant endeavor of the people, who shall refrain from any abuse of these freedoms and rights, shall realize freedoms and rights come with responsibility and obligation, and it must never interfere with the public good and public order.
(http://www.asuno-jiyuu.com/2013/11/blog-post.html target=”blnk0430-2″>)

In this translation by a professional lawyer, “it must never interfere” means “anyone of the people must never interfere”. And “public good” is a little bit vague translation.
So, — I ask a favor of him for that — I retranslate its last part of the sentence to:

and one must never be against the public profits and public social order.

If our Constitution would be changed to that renewed (but in fact strongly anachronistic) constitution, our fundamental rights should be strictly restricted.
For example, it might be regarded as an action against public-profit, if one only maintain that the disputed matter of  Senkaku Islands (Diaoyu Islands) was pigeonholed at the conference by Kakuei Tanaka and Zhou Enlai in 1972, and there had been no change until 2012 when Japan one-sidedly claimed that they were taken into the national properties of Japan.
Another example is for the persons who unfortunately dropped in the situation of  homeless or receiving public income-support. If one must never be against the public profit in order not to violate Constitution, (at least in the definition) those persons could be reckoned as ones who violate Constitution because of being against public profits.

Mr. Funada said, that our Constitution has become old during 70 years since it was made and we need “to remake it up to date”. But what the manuscript by LDP  intends is anachronism which make Japan go back to the times of mid and before World War 2. And it seems to be their nostalgia to the days when the people of Japan were called “subjects”. (The subject is different from that of British. Subjects of Japan were people who had less rights toward State and never be able to oppose  against Japan’s national order.)
So, we must not be deceived by those “fraud” politicians (including P.M. Abe). Of course, I admit that we need public profits and public order in some degree. But they are not the matters written in Constitution.
If LDP intend to restrict our fundamental rights, we have no need for renewing our Constitution.